Dragon Miniature Railway

Marple Garden Centre, Marple, UK

Petrol Locomotives

These machines are the main workhorses of the railway, providing the main power for our trains. Power coming from heavy-duty single cylinder petrol engines, drive is provided through a hydrostatic gearbox, making them easy to drive, powerful, reliable, yet requiring minimal maintenance.

(From left to right): D5903 "Andrew", D1015 "Western Champion", No.2 "David", 47338 "Flying Dragon"

On your visit you will see at least one of these machines working hard on your train, or resting outside the shed. Do contact us if you wish to know which engine(s) will be in use on your visit.

47338 - Flying Dragon

47338 "Flying Dragon" was the 4th 47 constructed by Brian, in 1997, shortly before the move to Wyevale. It is based on the ubiquitous 2,750hp Class 47 built by Brush during the 60's and 70's for BR as a powerful general-purpose diesel locomotive. Flying Dragon is powered by a 9hp Villiers petrol engine and driving an Eaton 7 hydraulic gearbox. It is the first loco of choice for the railway; consequently it sees a very high mileage every year; in excess of 5000 trips every year. It is also the first loco that drivers are trained on.

D1015 - Western Champion

"Western Champion" was built by Brian in 1993 for work at Brookside miniature railway. At the time it was the most powerful locomotive on the line and also boasts air brakes. It is based on the BR Class 52 " Western " class of diesel-hydraulics built at Swindon and Crewe during the 1960's for use on the Western Region of British Railways from Paddington to Penzance. In 1999 Western Champion moved to DMR and see's regular use alongside Flying Dragon. Western Champion is powered by a 9hp Loncin engine driving an Eaton 7 hydraulic Gearbox.


No. 2 "David" was a joint build between Brian and another Brookside volunteer Norman Pendlebury. It worked at Brookside alongside "Andrew" and D1015 until Norman left in the late 90's. David layed out of use at Brookside until 2004 when it moved to the DMR. When David arrived the loco was extended in order to accommodate taller drivers. David is powered by a 9hp Loncin engine driving an Eaton 7 Hydraulic gearbox.

D5903 - Andrew

This was the first locomotive built by Brian in 1983 named after his son Andrew. The loco is based off BR's class 23 Baby Deltic's built by the English Electric company in 1959, this model of a Baby Deltic spent 15 years hard work at Brookside without failing once, covering on average 500 miles every year. Andrew is used less often as the other petrol loco's and mainly stands in for other loco's being repaired although makes appearances during off peak times and at Halloween and Christmas. Andrew is powered by a 5hp Loncin engine driving an Eaton 7 hydraulic gearbox.

Class 17 Clayton

The Clayton as it is known was built by Brian and finished in October 2010, It is based on the Clayton class built by Clayton Equipment and Beyer Peacock between 1962 - 1965  for British Railways.  The clayton didn't actually start life as it is today, the loco was destined to be a 6th 47 being built by Brian but his son Andrew suggested to make the clayton instead for something a little different, the body shell for the 6th 47 was sold on and the chassis was used for the clayton. The clayton is powered by a 9hp Honda engine driving an Eaton 7 hydraulic gearbox.