Dragon Miniature Railway

Marple Garden Centre, Marple, UK

Picnic and Play Area

Outdoor Play Area NOW OPEN until end of SEPTEMBER 2022.

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WHY not bring a picnic, and take the train to our picnic and children's play area. For no extra cost, you can request that the train stops at Riverside Halt where you can alight to go to the play area, and catch a later train back, all on the same ticket!

Our children's play area is situated in a scenic spot by the river, and is circumnavigated by the railway. Full of activities for children to enjoy themselves, you can stay for as little or as long as you wish. A selection of photos are shown below. Click for a larger picture.


The picnic & play area is open every day from March to September the play area is open  form 11am until 4.00pm. Sometimes it may be required to delay the opening of the picnic area due to essential maintenance.

  • The picnic/play area is UNSUPERVISED, therefore we cannot allow unaccompanied children to wander around the area on their own. A parent or guardian must be present with them at all times.
  • For Health and Safety reasons, patrons of the play area MUST travel to and from it by train. For Health and Safety reasons we CANNOT allow anybody to walk alongside the track. The DMR takes no responsibility for anyone who flouts this.
  • If you are useing the play area and need to use the toilet then please bored the train at Riverside Halt to Otterspool Junction and use the toilets in the garden centre then return to the play area free of charge. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID TICKET TO RETURN TO THE PLAY AREA. Ticket Inspectors will need to see your tickets before you bored the train if dont have a valid ticket then you must pay the flat fare.